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To share the inspiring images, we do not only use Internet photos, but also sell photos to customer in various sizes. We use Kodak Q-lab to develop films and print our photos. Pricelist:

Size Photo paper Glossy Paper (slide film)
8" x 10"HKD200/USD26HKD220/USD28
11" x 14"HKD250/USD32HKD280/USD36
16" x 20"HKD350/USD45HKD400/USD52
20" x 30"HKD650/USD84HKD720/USD93
Discountorder over HKD1200/USD15010%
order over HKD2400/USD30015%

The charge has already included Airmail service. To order this service, please print this page, visit the galleries, mark the ID of photos, send the order form together with cheque, and wait for about 3 weeks time to get your pictures.

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