P u b l i s h i n g

  • Book
  • Periodical
  • Brochure
  • Leaflet
  • Poster
  • Dissertations and thesis
  • Research instrument
  • Webpage
  • Our company has started the publishing business since 1997. Our first assignment was the publication of a series of 9 exercise books named
    Mathematical Mind. Since then, publishing has become important part of our business. The following is a short list of we have done on publishing:

    My company also bid on large scale projects, for instance:
    Webpage and website design is another type of publishing work of my company.
    We also work for the academic field:
    P r i c e - L i s t

    Computer layout Pop graphic
  • Pure text : HK$50up/page
  • w/graphic or photo : HK$100up/page
  • Black & white : HK$100up/each(page)
  • 4 color : HK$150up/each(page)

  • Computer drawing Text input
  • Black & White : HK$50up/each
  • 4 color : HK$100up/each(page)
  • Pure text : HK$40/1000characters
  • w/ special characters : special ordering

  • Graphic scanning & color correction
    8"x10" Black & White reflective : HK$30/file
    8"x10" Color reflective : HK$50/file
    4"x5" Color Slide : HK$50/file
    All format 135 film : HK$50/file
    650Mb CD-R writing (included media) : HK$50/disc

  • HK$150up/roll (color negative with 3R or color slide)
  • HK$200up/sheet (4"x5" color slide)

  • Books, News, Brochure, etc. : ASK

    Internet Homepage Production
    Text : HK$30up/VGA screen page
    Graphic & art design : HK$100up/VGA screen page
    Photo / graphic drawing w/o animation : HK$30up/figure
    Graphic drawing with animation : HK$100up/VGA screen page
    Other service : ASK
    Update existing page : HK30% off of new page
    Web-hosting : HK$1800/year(pre-paid), 50Mb data-size(max), free local domain-name registration (www.yourname.com.hk)

    Realistic Media Production Center