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Our images travelled all over the world. Our major clients include 中國人民大會堂香港廳, MTR HongKong, Fujifilm and many large stock library. The reason of good sale is simple, because we have the best shoot of HongKong from time to time. And one more point, we know very well of HongKong and love to shoot everything at here. You couldn't find any other stock house has such amount of images. We will put thousands of images on the galleries in this season. Hopefully we will put mostly 3000+ images at the end of Y2000.

Price List

Usage Size Unit Price
[JPEG or TIFF] *1
width or height at 480pixelHKD200/USD30
width or height at 1024pixelHKD300/USD40
Digital images
20MB [print to A5] discountHKD500/USD90(up)
40MB [print to A4]HKD1200/USD180(up)
80MB [print to A3]HKD2000/USD280(up)
[transparency] *3
135 formatHKD500/USD90(up)
120 or larger formatASK
Discountorder over HKD2500/USD32010%
order over HKD4000/USD52015%

  • All the digital images, except the discount items, will be scanned by Professional Drum Scanner by output center.
  • discount items are scanned by professional desktop film scanner with color correction and sharpening.
    *1 The file(s) will be transfer by email to client. JPEG is stored at "high" quality while TIFF will be compressed for optimum speed in transfer.
    *2 The file(s) is stored in CD-R and will be transfer by security post. Overseas buyer please allow three more working days for the SpeedPost service.
    *3 The transparencies are the 1st off of duplication. Films will being packed and delivered by security post. Overseas buyer please allow three more working days for the SpeedPost service.

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    Rm 1104, Kenbo Commercial Building
    335-339 Queen's Road West, Hong Kong.

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