Photographic Equipment

We have two sets of 4"x5" camera, Toyo 45A and 45G. They use the same set of top class lenses which consist of Rodenstok APO-Grandagon 35/4.5; Schneider Super-Angulon 65/5.6, 90/8, APO-Sysmar 180/5.6; Fujinon T400/5.6. Major accessories are Horseman 612 magazine, Lupe (Horseman 6x, Tasco 30x), Meter (Minolta Flash Meter 4, Sekonic L318), Bag-bellow & Extension-rail for 45G. In general, the 45A will be partner while hiking. Many locations are well fitted the panoramic format, so Horseman 612 magazine is best partner of 45A. Although 45G is a studio camera, it is also the partner while shooting in citiscape.

Tripod is the most important tools to keep image at pin point sharpness. Certainly only the professional photographers talk about tripod while non-pro keep argue about camera brand differences. To be sure our images are at top quality, we use different kinds of tripod and head to ensure the best result in each fields. They are: Other cameras
Apart from large format camera, we use many other cameras to serve our clients and different locations. 135 format SLR is the most often in use camera for recording style job, like ceremony and snaphsots. With todays' film & scanning technology, many of the publishing works are also completed by 135 camera. The output size can be as large as A3 without noticeable grain and lo-resolution feeling. Our 135 camera systems consist of: In 120 format, we have 645 system together with a 66 TLR system. 645 system are mainly for stock photo with medium size enlargement (smaller than A1) while the 66 TLR system are partner of fine-art black_n_white photos.

Studio equipment & flash
One of the our business is shooting varies item in studio or bring the studio to your location. Hi-quality studio flash with accessories is a must when we need best control. They are:

With 1000Watt-second output, this flash still give out GN=30 with 80x120cm softbox.

Same brand as the left-side one with 800Ws output, mainly using it with snooze and honeycomb to built strong contrast lighting.

A 400Ws compact flash with lots of function.

Another 400ws compack flash. A set of two which come with 50x50cm softbox and light-stands, very good for half body size portraiture.

Other accessories are: light stand of varies size, background paper and support, reflectors, softboxes, boom, etc. We also use portable flash like: Metz 60CT series, Nissin 6000GT.

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